Protocol Berg

The decentralized protocol and infrastructure conference.

About Us

Protocol Berg is organized by the Department of Decentralization, a collective of people from various crypto- and blockchain communities in and around Berlin. The group assembled in 2018 to organize ETHBerlin and has been active since.

We aim to be an agnostic vehicle to drive adoption, educate newcomers, and raise awareness of the challenges and benefits of decentralization and open-source software.

Our projects to date:

  • ETHBerlin (2018): Hackathon, conference, and the first event that ran almost entirely using decentralized applications:
  • GoerliCon 0 (2019): The Ethereum testnet and infrastructure conference where the Goerli Testnet was launched live on stage:
  • Goerli Testnet (2019): Born at ETHBerlin and launched at GoerliCon, the Goerli Testnet is now the essential public-facing Ethereum testnets after the Merge.
  • Blockstars Education Program (2019): A partnership with B9lab to onboard new hackers to web3.
  • There is no such thing as Blockchain Art (2019): a study to explore the art world and the intersection with our systems.
  • ETHBerlin ZWEI (2019): hackathon, conference, and cultural festival, second edition:
  • Ecosystem Job-Openings (2019): connecting talent with web3-companies during the bear market.
  • ETHParis 2 (2020) - The Un-Hackathon: ETHParis 2 was hosted by the Department of Decentralization and Ethereum France as an unconference-style hackathon in the engineering school l'ESGI:
  • TwoPointFive (2020) - The Talk Show: TwoPointFive was a white-label virtual conference. No shill, no sponsors, from the community for the community and truly in it for the tech:
  • StrikeDAO (2022): The Ethereum domain of Bundeskunsthalle was squatted by artist Hito Steyerl and the DoD. The StrikeDAO voted on three models of the future governance of this squatted domain quadratically:
  • ETHBerlin³ - to the power of 3 (2022): hackathon, conference, and cultural festival, third edition:

Currently, the Department is primarily run from Berlin. The collective is composed of around a dozen members who contribute voluntarily.

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