Protocol Berg

The decentralized protocol and infrastructure conference.

A Department-of-Decentralization1 event; edition 0b11111100111.

September 15, 2023, Kreuzberg, Berlin


Protocol Berg is a novel summit providing a location specifically for protocol research, decentralized infrastructure, and core-developer experience. The one-day event with two stages, opportunities for technical workshops, and protocol community gatherings brings together protocol researchers and other stakeholders from different decentralized protocols. Attendance is free of charge. The event will not host any sponsors or commercial talks.


Protocol Berg is a one-day technical conference targeting an audience of protocol engineers, system engineers, network engineers, blockchain-operation engineers, decentralized-infrastructure administrators, researchers, and other curious minds.

Topics covered by the event orbit mainly around consensus protocols, distributed virtual machines, peer-to-peer networking, decentralized infrastructure, open-source governance, and protocol research.

We expect 500-600 attendees, and tickets will be free, as in free lemonade. All attendees have to adhere to the event's Code of Conduct.

Protocol Berg is a donation-backed non-profit event. Therefore, there will be no sponsors.

Call for Participation

Applications for tickets will open shortly.

To connect to the protocol community, join our matrix space:

To submit a technical talk or workshop proposal, use our Pretalx interface:

To provide feedback or ask questions, please email us.


The Heeresbäckerei (magazine in the army bakery)2 in Berlin-Kreuzberg is an impressive industrial monument located directly at the river Spree. The magazine in the west wing was used as a warehouse since 1890. Lorries with flour and grain travelled on rails between the magazine and the bakery. The brick building has retained its substance over the years. Cast iron columns carry a five-meter-high ceiling. The parquet is made of old beech. Deep arched windows open the room to the light. The result is a magnificent venue with charm - perhaps one of the most beautiful in Berlin-Kreuzberg3 .

The venue will be equipped with two stages. In addition, there will be workshop areas for deep technical study and knowledge-sharing classes.

52.504853, 13.434746
Street Address:
Köpenicker Straße 16-17, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

About the Host

The Department of Decentralization is a collective of people from various crypto, decentralization, and blockchain communities in and around Berlin. The group assembled in 2018 to organize events such as ETHBerlin4 5 6 or GoerliCon7 and has been active since.

The aim is to be an agnostic vehicle to drive adoption, educate newcomers, and raise awareness of the challenges and benefits of decentralization and open-source software. Currently, the Department is primarily run from Berlin. The collective is composed of around a dozen members who contribute voluntarily.